New Features
January 24, 2024

1/24 Releases

Adding capabilities to enforce format via regex pattern validation and receiving notifications for flagged jobs.


  • Pattern validation. helps enforce the output pattern of Lume mappings. This is especially relevant for data you already test against a regex, such as emails, name formats, and other such common patterns. Use by by adding the pattern key along with a regex of the pattern you would like to be matched in your target schema. Below is an example to enforce an email regex.
  • Email notification for flagged jobs. If a job is flagged as "Needs Review" by Lume, then users can opt to receive email notifications to quickly update the mapping and deploy their job.
  • Target schema editing via API. Users can now edit their target schema via a Lume API endpoint. This gives you the option to easily manage all of your target schemas within your owncodebase, allowing you to send target schema edits to Lume directly from your code base as your files evolve.  See docs for more information.
  • Auto-deployment. Users can mark a new job to auto-deploy once it finishes generating mapping logic. This is helpful in case you want to immediately use the mapping logic in a pipeline without reviewing it and manually deploying it beforehand. Add it as a flag in the Create Transformation endpoint. See docs for more information.

Performance Improvements

  • Significantly faster load times (50x) on the Lume Dashboard and Lume Jobs pages in the webapp.
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