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Automate data mappings with AI

Automate data mappings using AI

Create your data pipelines 10x faster by mapping data in seconds

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Map data in seconds with AI
Automatically generate mapping logic to move data between any two schemas

Scale data ingestion

Onboard more customers and partners faster by ingesting their unique data in seconds.

Normalize data

Normalize messy data that is different between all the data systems you are ingesting.

Build your pipelines, faster

Build hundreds of data pipelines immediately, reading from and writing to any source and any destination models.

Auto-maintain your mappers

Detect changes to your source data or target models, and automatically re-transform the data to adapt to the new models.

Solve data complexities with AI

Handle complex data mappings with ease by enabling your teams to transform data leveraging AI.

Review and deploy mappers

Save and deploy your mappers to use on new data, allowing you to confidently and deterministically map future data.

SOC 2 Compliant

Built with security as the top priority, Lume is SOC2 Type-1 Certified and SOC2 Type-2 Certified.
Revolutionize your data mapping
We deliver the AI functionality you need to make your data mapping work seamless
Lume API gives you the keys to unlock the full power of data.

Integrate AI-powered data mapping into your systems. Never spend time wrangling data again.

// Tap into AI-powered Data Mapping
lume.createJob(source_data, target_model).then(result => {
    console.log('Mapped Data Result:', result);

Lume Platform gives you visibility and management over all of your data pipelines and mappings.

Review, edit, and deploy data mappers in seconds, and use them indefinitely.
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Never manually map data again

Embrace AI to do it automatically
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