Automate data mappings with AI

Normalize E-commerce Data Using AI
Seamlessly ingest customer product data into your internal systems.
Classify product variants and tags according to your company’s standards.
Handle diverse data structures from platforms like Shopify with ease, ensuring consistent normalization.
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Revolutionize your data mapping
We deliver the AI functionality you need to make your data mapping work seamless

Generate Mapping Logic In Seconds

AI that automatically understands your source and target formats, then generates mappings in seconds.
AI semantically understands your data to create the highest accuracy mappings
AI that learns with you, allowing success with the most domain-specific data

Easily Review and Edit Mapping Logic

Review and edit your mappers quickly through custom logic or natural language.
Tools to edit mapping logic, from natural language to lambda functions.
Visibility into mapped data, mapping logic, and other AI decisions

Maintain Your Integrations, Automatically

Receive notifications when your schemas change, and use AI to immediately adapt mappers to the new schemas.

Embed Auto-Mappers In Your Code

Create and use data mapping pipelines by using Lume’s API directly in your code.