How customers use Lume
See how your team can get the most out of mapping data with AI

Ingest Client Data

Each client you work with handles data differently. They name, format, and handle their data in their own way, and it means you have to iteratively ingest each new client's data.

Lume AI solves this by allowing you to handle all client data as one. Normalize it in seconds.

Normalize data from unique data systems

To provide your business value, your team needs to connect to various data providers or handle legacy data. Creating pipelines from each one is time consuming, and things as small as column name differences between systems makes it burdensome to get started.

Lume AI solves this  by gaining an understanding of the data, discerning the differences between all your integrated systems, and automatically mapping it to your desired format.

Build and maintain data pipelines

Creating different pipelines to your target models, whether for BI tooling, downstream data processing, or other purposes, means you have to manually create and maintain these mappings between models.

Lume AI not only creates these mappings automatically, but maintains them by recognizing changes in the models and remapping them.

... and much more. Reach out to learn how our AI can help you map data 10x faster!

Never manually map data again

Embrace AI to do it automatically
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