Launch YC - Lume, a low-code tool to create and maintain custom data integrations

March 13, 2023
Nicolas Machado

📝 Context

Hi all. I am a cofounder of Lume. Lume helps engineering teams build and maintain custom data integrations with no code. If you spend countless hours manually transforming data for custom integrations, we can help! The blog below was our unofficial launch on the Y Combinator website.


Hi everyone! We are Nicolas, Nebyou, and Robert, the founders of Lume. We are on a mission to empower companies to focus on delivering their core value proposition rather than spending time on data integrations and transformations.

Lume Dashboard

🧨 Problem

Engineers spend countless hours manually transforming data for custom integrations or pay large amounts to third parties to do the same. Dynamic schemas from different clients or apps require engineers to build and maintain custom integration pipelines one by one, and companies spend days, weeks, and even months building integrations. Lume is tackling this problem head-on.

✨ Solution

Lume uses AI to automatically transform data between any start and end schema and pipes the data directly to your desired destination. Lume provides this through a no-code platform where you can build and maintain your custom data integrations. Whether you want to map multiple sources to your internal unified schema or connect to your third-party apps without manual mapping, Lume delivers. With automated transformations and data delivery, backtesting and data quality checks, and version control, engineers can spend more time delivering their core value to customers instead of wrangling and manually mapping data.

⚙️ How it works

  • You connect your data warehouse and authenticate into your desired apps.
  • Lume’s AI system creates the transformations between any start and end schemas, ranging from internal schemas to structured third-party apps.
  • You validate the transformation using various of our tools (SQL Editor, Lineage Graph, and Data Preview). Once you validate the transformed data, Lume will pipe the correct data to your specified destination.

We can connect to your data warehouse and leverage its compute to keep your data in-house.

👾 Common Use Cases:

  • Client onboarding: Mapping prospective client data to fit your product’s input schema.
  • Data Wrangling: map different data tables within a data lake in seconds.
  • Internal: Transforming separate data sources into one unified internal ontology.

👨‍💻Meet the Team

The founding team, Nicolas Machado, Nebyou Zewde, and Robert Ross, all met during our first year at Stanford, where we received our undergraduate and Master's degrees in computer science with a focus on Artificial Intelligence. With experience working at both unicorn startups and big tech companies, our team has knowledge and experience building and deploying applied machine learning systems.

🙏 Our ask

  • To learn more about lume, request a demo above.
  • Share this with anyone that works on custom data integrations.

💥 The Deal

Sign-up before demo day for a 50% discount for the first year.

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