How Lume Helps IT Consulting Firms Integrate Data

August 21, 2023
Nicolas Machado

Each client project presents multiple challenges for IT consulting firms. The biggest challenge? Handling and organizing your client's data 🤯. Thankfully, advancements in AI now enable a more streamlined and automated approach, which can condense weeks of work into just a few days. This is where Lume steps in.

The Challenge: Data Integration

Each client engagement for IT consulting firms unravels a unique set of data and system intricacies. Often, clients have messy and outdated data models, rely on legacy systems, or neglect their data architecture. Such challenges compound when tasked with revamping their systems, molding client data for analytics, or cleaning their data to meet deliverables.

We’ve learned that your current processes are extremely manual - sitting down for weeks or months with your clients, whiteboarding ideas for new data models, and iterating with an engineering and business team to create the necessary mappings to clean or wrangle the data. Not only that, the firms have to invest the necessary engineering resources to create the data-wrangling pipelines. With Lume, we hope to reduce the cost, and time, needed to achieve this from weeks to simply a few days. 

Here's a quote from my conversation with the CEO of a IT Consulting firm: "This process of iterating and wrangling data models with our clients can take between 30 to 100 days". 😵

The Solution: Lume’s AI 🤖

Lume offers a new AI solution for IT consulting firms. With its AI-driven platform, Lume aims to simplify and improve how consulting firms handle data integration. In short, data wrangling will never be a bottleneck again, allowing you to onboard more clients and deliver faster.

  • AI-Powered Data Wrangling: Lume's AI can look at data from different systems and quickly figure out how to bring the data to your desired destination. It takes care of the data comprehension and the wrangling itself.
  • User-Friendly Low-Code Platform: Accessible via Lume’s web application, it ensures simplicity and efficiency for both engineers and analysts.
  • Rigorous Verification: Integrating client data is important and sensitive work. So, Lume offers ways for users to check what the AI is doing.  Features like visibility into data transformation code, data samples of wrangled data, and a lineage graph are made available for thorough review.

Redefining IT Consultancy 🚀

By using Lume, consulting firms can offer better services, save time, and sharply cut back on project durations. No more getting stuck with manual data wrangling and modeling. With Lume, firms can concentrate on delivering top-notch outcomes for their clients, efficiently and swiftly. Interested? Request a demo.

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